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Hello World!

Welcome to our new website.  Now that fall is in full swing we are excited to share all of our new offerings with you. We know that recruitment is such a wonderful time of year.  Coinciding with the matching outfits, long nights, and endless conversation, most importantly is…BIDS!  After all of the tireless work you have done to recruit the most perfect Potential New Members to become a part of your chapter, history, the rich tapestry and deep connection of your house you will want to give them a memento they will always remember their journey by.  Bid Day Cards are not only essential to the recruitment process, but they are also sentimental.  Here at GreekStation, you can customize your chapter’s Bid Day Cards to give each of your new members a personalized welcome.  Our engraved bids are done by hand on heavy weight paper.  Traditional craftsmanship, combined with the most current designs a most harmonious balance.  See how it is done by clicking on the link our process!